Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

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The fibre optic system can utilise existing optic fibres or newly installed cables making installation easy and cost effective. Installation distances can range from several hundred meters to hundreds of kilometres.

Fiber optic sensing technology can use existing fibre optic cables to accurate pinpoint abnormal conditions over a large network without the need of sending ground team to inspect. The technology can be used for;

  • Pipeline Leak Detection can detect minor leakage as well as catastrophic pipeline failure of gas, oil and water pipelines.
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System can be mounted above or below ground and can accurately pinpoint a security breach on foot or by moving vehicle.
  • Electricity Grid Protection System early detection of electricity wire failure by bushfires or fallen trees.
  • Linear Heat Detection for early detection of smouldering fires allowing activation of suppression as early as possible.