We manufacture the unique ViPA analyser as well as providing process insight consultancy services. Jorin is focused on, and dedicated to, all aspects of oilfield water management. We enable our customers to optimise their process performance, reduce costs, maximise production, and avoid processing problems through rapidly-produced, accessible, relevant data, and the delivery of deep understanding of their process conditions.
Jorin was established with the aim of delivering the best possible water separation monitoring and control data to the oil and gas industry. By pursuing this goal and thanks to our continuous research and development programmes, we have become the market leader in on-line water quality monitoring for the oil and gas sector.
We believe that in order to provide the most valuable data, the data needs to be provided fast and be truly relevant to and representative of the process being monitored. Whether you are using our ViPA instruments or our process insight service, the focus is on providing high-quality data quickly in the field. Customers can rest assured that the tools we use are the best available, together with the strongest software algorithms, the latest instrument designs, and the most comprehensive field chemistry. This is how we aim to enable you to understand your process and help you unlock the best performance.