FPI is a leading global manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for industrial process and environmental monitoring. In the late 1990s, FPI was initially registered in California in the USA for the research and development of Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology and utilisation.

The establishment of FPI in 2002 was followed shortly thereafter by its successful expansion to the steel industry, where its on-site TDLAS was acknowledged as a benchmark monitor for process gases measurement. Inspired by this recognition, FPI extended its business from process monitoring to emissions, ambient air, and wastewater. Features include improved safety control, productivity, and environmental protection.
By combining global expertise with local support, FPI delivers cutting-edge technology in terms of analytical instrumentation, with easily-accessible networks worldwide. FPI continues to improve its local presence through subsidiaries and distributors, aiming to provide optimal services to industries, municipalities, and institutes.