HMA Group – Wear Solutions

HMA Wear Solutions

HMA Wear Solutions is a leader in designing, lining, and manufacturing ceramic and wear-resistant equipment. As Australia’s largest manufacturer of ceramic lined piping and equipment, we bring over 40 years of experience in supplying high-quality wear-resistant solutions to various industries. Our expertise ensures cost-effective solutions with precise fits, setting the industry standard known as the “Greenbank Standard.”

Operating under Halley & Mellowes (HMA), formerly Greenbank Terotech, since 1983, HMA Wear Solutions spans multiple facilities in Wyong, NSW, Mackay, QLD, and Perth, WA, employing over 150 professionals. We specialise in manufacturing abrasion-resistant piping for the Australian mining and power sectors, focusing on innovative design and manufacturing techniques.

Our commitment to innovation and quality extends to our unique in-house manufacturing and quality control systems. We offer a range of ceramic linings, including Basalt, WearTech, Alumina, and Sitech, with access to all commercially available ceramic linings through our international associates. Our mission is to reduce plant operating costs by improving design, selecting optimal ceramics, and utilizing distinctive equipment manufacturing processes. Additionally, we provide comprehensive condition monitoring services, such as Pipe-Scan, Mag Sep inspections, Cyclone inspections, Chute and Wear liner audits, and Pipe Hanger Audits, to ensure the longevity of our products and meet industry needs.