HMA Group is a leading supplier of hi-rail equipment for trucks and vehicles in the rail industry.

We have fitted numerous hi-rail kits and carried out many road rail conversions to a variety of trucks and industrial vehicles including hi-rail boom lift Elevating Work Platforms (EWP), hi-rail scissor lift Elevating Work Platforms (EWP), hi-rail truck mounted ventilation jet fan boom lift handler, hi-rail weed spraying trucks, general purpose hi-rail gang and crew cab trucks, a rubber tyre mobile Elevating Work Platform and a 7 tonne excavator.

Rail guidance systems are offered to cover the full scope of rail network requirements from broad, standard and narrow gauge and can be supplied in, tri gauge, dual gauge and single gauge configuration. We also supply multiple configurations of hi-rail vehicle traction systems including friction drive with vehicle rubber tyre on the head of the rail, friction drum rail drive and hydrostatic rail drive. Hi-rail trucks can be driven on rail from the cabin as well as from the backboard of the truck body as well as from the truck-mounted EWP attachment. Hi-rail axles incorporate spring applied fail safe disc brakes, suspension and insulation. Emergency pack up of hi-rail equipment is provided by hand pump, or an optional DC hydraulic power pack or generator if fitted.

Designs are carried out in-house by two registered professional engineers (RPEQ/NPER). All new equipment and vehicle modifications are provided with a certificate of design, construction and testing conformance. Detailed compliance plans are prepared for registration of rolling stock to gain network access. All design is in accordance with the applicable standards and specifications and is ADR compliant for vehicle crashworthiness regarding the operation of airbags, ABS braking and taking cognizance of pedestrian collision protection.

Rail mounted equipment is extensively tested during the construction stage including factory acceptance testing (FAT) and once delivered on track, including twist tests, overturning test, overload test and stability and braking tests when on the rail.