magnetic extensometer

Magnetic Extensometer
The HMA Geotechnical magnetic extensometer (4700 Series) monitors changing subterranean displacements at various horizons within a borehole.
APPLICATIONS – The measurement of soil and

Wire Extensometer

Wire Extensometer
The Model 4015 Wire Extensometer uses flexible stainless steel wire rope sheathed in polyethylene tubing with plated anchors. The assembly is grouted into a borehole and a head frame with transducers is fitted. For large

The SMART MPBX is a flexible borehole extensometer with up to 6 anchor points and an integrated electronic readout head. The compact 50mm diameter head removes the need for reaming borehole collars plus unit arrives fully

Model 4000 Rod Extensometer

Rod Extensometer
The Model 4000 Rod Extensometer is a simple to install unit consisting of up to 6 spring steel rods anchored at measurement points within the borehole. As the anchors move the displacement variation is measured with respect

Tape Extensometer

Tape Extensometer
The Model 4510 Tape Extensometer is a portable unit designed to measure the relative distance between reference anchors fixed to the excavation or structure. Both grouted and expanding anchors are available.

Model 4020 Deep Hole Extensometer system

Deep Hole Extensometer
The Model 4020 Deep Hole Extensometer system uses stainless steel high tensile wires connected to spring anchors mechanically placed in the borehole (borehole not grouted). At the collar, these wires are connected to spring

Single Point Extensometer

Right Angle T Box
The HMA Geotechnical Single Point Extensometer is a simple, rugged and reliable cost-effective method for monitoring settlements, displacements or deformation.
The brass / stainless steel/fibreglass rod

Tensioned Wire Extensometer
The Model 4730 Tensioned Wire Extensometer is similar in construction to a wire extensometer Model 4015 except that the wires are kept in constant tension. It consists of corrugated collapsible-tubing connecting spring-actuated