Single Point Extensometer

Single Point Extensometer

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GEO-DS-0065 Single Point Extensometer

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The HMA Geotechnical Single Point Extensometer is a simple, rugged and reliable cost-effective method for monitoring settlements, displacements or deformation.

The brass / stainless steel/fibreglass rod arrangement makes it easy to custom assemble on site with simple hand tools.

Single Point Extensometer comes up to 10m long 8mm fibreglass rod. (standard 6m) The Single Point Extensometer movement is measured using a simple Vernier gauge at the top anchor with a standard range of 100mm it is a great choice to monitor tunnels and mine openings.


  • Tunnelling
  • Open Cut Mines
  • Dam Construction
  • Underground Mines
  • Large Excavations
  • Construction Control


  • Low Cost
  • Easy to customise on site
  • Compact Design for ease of use and transportation


  • 100mm range
  • Brass Head and anchor
  • Stainless Steel measuring pin
  • Fibre Glass rod (8mm)