HMA Group – Instrumentation


HMA Instrumentation, a division of the HMA Group, combines Process Oil & Gas Controls (POGC) and Measurement Resources (MR) to offer a comprehensive range of industrial instrumentation. We serve diverse industries, including oil, gas, refining, petrochemical, power generation, mining, marine, food, and pharmaceuticals. Our solutions cover greenfield projects, upgrades, extensions, and process enhancements.

Our dedicated team within the HMA Group prioritises technical expertise, flexibility, and client responsiveness. We aim to deliver cost-effective solutions by providing cutting-edge technology globally. In today’s competitive landscape, efficient operations are essential, and our instrumentation ensures reliable and accurate signals for modern computerised process control systems. We operate across Australasia, the Pacific Rim, Asia, and Africa, with local offices in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and South Africa.

At HMA Instrumentation, our core objectives revolve around quality customer service and products. Regardless of your operation’s size or safety and environmental concerns, we have solutions to improve efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our experienced engineers and service technicians are factory-trained experts, focused on safeguarding your people, assets, and environmental reputation across various industries.