Micronics Ltd. began trading in 1985, and was set up to design and market clamp-on ultrasonic liquid flow meters for industry and commerce. Since its inception, Micronics has sold clamp-on water meters in more than 50 countries, concentrating mainly on portable time of flight meters, some of which are marketed under the registered trade name of Portaflow. Our clamp-on flow meters for many purposes continue to grow in popularity.
In addition to product supply, Micronics offers flow-measurement solutions, combining the Micronics product range with flow analysis software and expert staff to conduct flow surveys. From the introduction of the first portable instrument, the company now markets a range of different products, incorporating time of flight or Doppler technology.
Micronics ultrasonic flow meters are widely used in the global energy management and retrofit building services markets to help reduce energy consumption and monitor water use. Our extensive product range includes: Clamp-on, portable and fixed liquid flow measurement meters, energy meters for heating and cooling applications and in-line MID-approved ultrasonic energy and water meters for direct billing applications with a radio-based automatic reading system. In addition to process or water industry applications, we can provide clamp-on, full pipe or open channel Doppler flow meters for contaminated or dirty liquid flows, plus a unique non-invasive MCERTS-certified wastewater meter for partially-full pipes carrying sewage or dirty liquids.