Micronics Series Portaflow PF330/PF220 Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0137 Portaflow 330

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The Micronics Portaflow 330 from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can display instantaneous fluid flow rates or velocity, together with totalised values. It also incorporates a data logger that can record up to 98 000 events, which can be output directly to a PC or printer, or stored in the instrument’s memory for downloading at a later time.

A variable current or pulse output, proportional to the detected flow rate, is also produced by the Micronics Portaflow 330 from HMA INSTRUMENTATION to enable it to interface with a range of external control devices such as those found in building management or site monitoring systems. The flow sensors or transducers connected to the instrument are attached to the outside of the pipe being monitored, and provide totally non-invasive flow measurement, without disturbing the existing plant equipment or process operation.