OMNIPURE Marine Sewage Treatment

OMNIPURE Marine Sewage Treatment

OMNIPURE Series 64 G2 System
With MEPC.227(64), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) formally adopted a new discharge standard for the treatment of offshore and marine sewage. DeNora responded by introducing the OMNIPURE Series 64, that supersedes the OMNIPURE Series 55

OMNIPURE Series 55 System
The OMNIPURE Series 55 is now obsolete and superseded by The OMNIPURE Series 64. HMA Instrumentation still offers spare parts for the Series 55 units.

OMNIPURE Series MC/MX System
The rugged design of the OMNIPURE Series MC/MX offshore line of units is well suited for the rigors of industrial platform installations. Minimal maintenance, small equipment footprint and the lightweight packages, …

Available from HMA Instrumentation is the DeNora OMNIPURE Marine Sewage Treatment systems.
OMNIPURE equipment is the only marine sewage system that oxidizes sewage in an electrochemical cell as well as generates sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of the sewage streams. It offers effective electrolytic treatment of both black and grey water through a patented and certified process.
OMNIPURE equipment includes three lines of field-proven electrolytic offshore wastewater treatment designs: Series 64G2 and Series MC/MX.