OMNIPURE Series 64 G2 System

De Nora

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INS-DS-0230 Omnipure™ Series 64 Marine Sewage Treatment System

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With MEPC.227(64), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) formally adopted a new discharge standard for the treatment of offshore and marine sewage. DeNora responded by introducing the OMNIPURE Series 64, that supersedes the OMNIPURE Series 55 with its proven electrolytic technology that’s relied on by 2000 offshore platforms and 800 Maritime vessels.

The OMNIPURE Series 64 treats raw sewage to, or beyond the MEPC.227(64) guideline while taking up less space than its predecessor OMNIPURE Series 55. Not just a system smaller in size, it is easier to operate with simplified controls, minimal instrumentation, less maintenance, and a completely hands-off solids management process, making the OMNIPURE Series 64 G2 a leading competitor.

  • Highlights:
    • Instantaneous destruction of organic materials.
    • Enhanced electrolysis and electro flotation doesn’t require raw influent filters or screens and ensures water clarity.
    • Not affected by typical cleaning products.
    • Can be powered off with no negative treatment or safety concerns.
    • Reverse polarity electrode coatings help maintain cell health.
    • Compact system offers more installation options for tight spaces and modularity allows for a variety of install arrangements.
    • Reliability as it is based on proven De Nora DSA technology from an innovator with more than 90 years’ electrochemical experience including over 35 years in offshore oil and gas specifically.
    • Optional wet waste Centrifuge offers Class ‘B’ type dewatered waste for landfill disposal.
  • Certifications:
    • Bureau Veritas Certification for IMO Resolution MEPC.227(64)
    • IECEx and ATEX Certification for hazardous areas