De Nora offers the OMNIPURE Series 55 system, available from HMA INSTRUMENTATION. This is the only marine sewage treatment system that oxidises sewage in an electrochemical cell, as well as generating sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of the sewage streams. The OMNIPURE Series 55 units offer effective electrolytic treatment of both black and grey water through a patented, certified process. Systems range in treatment capacities up to 65 m3/day. Individual units can be combined for increased capacity.

The OMNIPURE Series 55 system from HMA INSTRUMENTATION has maintained the key features of the original design, while incorporating an advanced electrolytic process that imposes certain physical and chemical changes to the wastewater stream as it passes through the treatment system, resulting in a wastewater effluent quality well below the new MEPC.159(55) requirements.

The OMNIPURE Series 55 from HMA INSTRUMENTATION features an Adaptive Algorithm Wastewater Management (AAWM) system to facilitate varying inlet wastewater conditions commonly found in marine and offshore applications. Based on the baseline compliance criteria of the MEPC.159(55) requirement, every OMNIPURE Series 55 unit is factory-set to effectively oxidise and treat normal inlet wastewater streams of 500 ppm of TSS and BOD to at, or below, the discharge effluent requirements. For those installations where higher than normal sewage influent is expected, the appropriate inlet waste algorithm can be pre-selected at the factory, via the HMI operator terminal, to better serve the treatment requirements. The OMNIPURE Series 55 from HMA INSTRUMENTATION also incorporates an integrated auto-maintenance feature to extend the duration between routine preventative maintenance activities.