Micronics Series UF OC5000 Open Channel Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0292 Mirconics OC5000 Open Channel Flow Monitor

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The Micronics UF OC5000 from HMA Instrumentation uses a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted over a flume or weir to measure flow. It is accurate, reliable and verifiable. The separate, watertight electronics and display enclosure can be mounted within 150 m of the sensor. The UF OC5000 displays, totalises, transmits and data logs open channel flow continuously.
Features include:

  • Simple five-key calibration
  • Password-protected
  • Two million point data logger
  • On-screen flow reports
  • USB output to flash drives
  • 4-20mA/0-5V output
  • Easy to install and calibrate
  • Simple, accurate and reliable
  • Displays, transmits, totalises and data logs
  • Reliable measurement and control

Use the built-in keypad for fast, easy calibration with menu selection of flume or weir and measurement units (for example litres, etc.). Calibration values and data logs are password-protected and retained during power interruptions. The Micronics UF OC5000 from HMA Instrumentation displays on-screen flow reports with daily total, minimum, maximum and average flow and will transfer data logs to a USB flash drive.

The Micronics Logger is included with each UF OC5000 from HMA Instrumentation. This powerful software displays data in both graph and table formats. Customers can view flow data on-screen, generate flow reports and save files to disk. Graphs can be exported as images and data tables can be exported as delimited text files or directly to Microsoft Excel.