The UF DS200 Doppler Flow Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is recommended for flow control of liquids containing gas bubbles or solids, such as chemicals, slurries, sewage, sludge, viscous liquids, wastewater, caustics, and abrasives. The ultrasonic sensor injects high-frequency sound through the pipe wall into the flowing liquid. Acoustic pulses are continuously reflected back to the sensor, with the UF DS200 measuring the frequency shift to calculate flow velocity.

The compact, watertight electronics enclosure of the UF DS200 Doppler Flow Switch from HMA INSTRUMENTATION includes adjustable controls with separate ‘on’ and ‘off’ relay setpoints and time delay. A LED bar graph for flow rate and setpoints, plus relay status, is included. Installation can be made while the flow system is in full operation. No contact is made with the moving fluid, and no holes are drilled in the pipe. In addition, there is no fouling or scale build-up on the sensor.