Icon was set up to challenge conventions. To design better. To build better. To make analysers and blending technology that not only meets, but exceeds, the changing needs and expectations of today’s oil refinery plants and their engineers. Our process analysers are redesigned from first principles, utilising the best of twenty-first century technology to deliver increased accuracy and repeatability. Reinventing sensing technologies, and introducing innovative touchscreen control, our analysers are custom built for today’s process engineers, offering better performance and control, more flexibility and reliability, and improved safety. Operational safety is engineered into the heart of every machine.
When we started making analysers for the oil industry, we set out to challenge ‘that’ll do’ conventions in a market that had become complacent. We did. Our analysers are more accurate, easier to use, repeatable, safer, and more flexible and reliable. They have raised the bar in every aspect, from market-leading accuracy to our distinctive explosion-proof machined aluminium cases. Our Ethanol Blender, for example, is a unique precision instrument that guarantees product quality and maximises margin.