Flame Detection

Flame Detection Systems

Flame detection systems from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are critical for applications in the fire & gas sector where risk to personnel is high, and where any possibility of fire could result in substantial damage to high-end equipment. The main criteria for adequate flame-detection systems or multi infrared flame detection are to minimise both the total cost of ownership, in order to increase the return on investment on equipment and technology, while reducing the total number of false alarms, which makes for a safer and more productive working environment in a range of industrial applications.

Flame detection systems from HMA INSTRUMENTATION also offer the widest possible coverage for maximum effectiveness and reduced response times, as well as complying with the necessary global approvals and regulations for health and safety and quality.

Typical applications for flame detection systems from HMA INSTRUMENTATION include (but are not limited to) a diverse range of applications, from turbine enclosures to oil and gas pipelines, offshore platforms, FPSOs, refineries, manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangers, hydrogen filling stations, and munition plants.