3D Fire & Gas Mapping

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HMA INSTRUMENTATION also offers precision 3D Fire & Gas Mapping in order to allow for the optimal placement of our detection equipment in high-risk locations. This means that any equipment required in terms of a complete solution can be positioned and orientated within any geometry, literally in seconds. Our 3D fire & gas mapping capability also means that any zero-visibility areas can be highlighted safely, in addition to real-time feedback for a proactive response.

As an example of the innovative technology available from HMA INSTRUMENTATION in terms of 3D Fire & Gas Mapping is Detect3D from Insight Numerics. Detect3D is the most precise and reliable 3D Fire & Gas Mapping tool for detector placement in high-risk locations.

Using line-of-sight flame detectors, point IR and open-path gas detectors from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can be positioned and orientated within any geometry in seconds. In addition, the user can highlight zero-visibility areas, as well as adjust detector position, and receive real-time feedback. Detect3D is also the only fire-and-gas mapping tool on the market specifically for Windows workstations.