Det-Tronics Xwatch Surveillance Camera

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Det-tronics X Watch (90-1193-4.3)

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When combined with a Det-Tronics X-Series flame detector or integrated into an existing detection/surveillance system, the xWatch® camera provides a high-resolution color image with real-time viewing of a monitored area and post-event analysis to determine the root cause of event alarms. This added layer of protection enables a secondary confirmation of a hazardous event, ideal for remote locations and unmanned facilities.
Available configurations:
A stand-alone camera that performs typical closed-circuit TV (CCTV) functions
Combine xWatch Camera with X-Series flame detector through a factory-installed integration for a complete fire safety surveillance system

Reduces risk by remotely viewing and managing hazardous area.
Ideal for monitoring all flame and gas applications, including hazards such as invisible hydrogen fires and methane fires, when combined with X3302 Flame Detector.

Available as a stand-alone camera or integrated witha flame a stand-alone camera or integrated witha flame detector
Available with three xWatch lens options for optimized field of view points/targets
Compatible with existing surveillance systems or Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Safety System

Explosion-proof rating enables reliable performance in hazardous locations
Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C, D, and Ex d ratings ideal for hazardous locations