Günther de Temple was born in Gaggenau in the Black Forest in Germany, and studied engineering in Karlsruhe. He established DEKOMTE in 1978 based on his experience as an expansion joint construction engineer. Despite starting in difficult economic conditions in 1978, DEKOMTE has since grown into a global business employing 300 people in 13 countries.
This is down to the vision of Günther de Temple, who wanted to build something to outlast him. The guiding philosophy of DEKOMTE was that it should be known not just for its name, but for the quality of its products. This philosophy served it well, and in 1980 it opened its first office in Oostende in Belgium, covering the Benelux countries. Over the years, more global subsidiaries were opened. DEKOMTE’s name is subsequently renowned throughout the power generation industry for the high technical quality of its expansion joints.