Coal Fired Plant Expansion Joints

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INS-DS-0309 Dekomte Boiler

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High dust concentration in coal fired duct systems requires an innovative solution to stop the dust ingressing into the expansion joint. The critical problem is temperature variance and gradients. Dust on the steel parts can cause flash and cool spots, leading to shortening the life of the joint. By using site utility air, a sealing cushion of air can be created at the internal edge of the joint, eliminating any dust ingress and maximising life.

DEKOMTE Coal Fires Boilers

DEKOMTE from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is able to offer varying technical standards to suit the technical requirements, maintenance cycles, and budgets for each joint location of joint. The largescale systems necessary for desulphurisation of flue gases have created highly-demanding technical and environmental requirements for expansion joints. The large sizes and consistent quality require a competent supply partner like DEKOMTE.

DEKOMTE from HMA INSTRUMENTATION manufactures fabric and stainless steel expansion joints for all applications within a conventional fossil fuel-fired steam cycle power station.