Gas Fired Plant Expansion Joints

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INS-DS-0310 Dekomte Gas Turbine

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Expansion joints installed within a section of duct with internal lining, known as cold-casing duct arrangements, experience lower stresses than hot-casing arrangements. The expansion joint frame and bolster can be protected from the highest gas temperatures, increasing the life and reliability.

DEKOMTE Gas Turbines

Gas turbine power stations subject the exhaust duct and HRSG casing to extreme stress and fatigue, with the expansion joint being the weak link. Base load stations can obtain a good performance from a basic design, due to the reduced stresses and fatigue caused by cycling. On the other hand, cycling plants are subject to increased maintenance when using basic duct construction. DEKOMTE from HMA INSTRUMENTATION manufactures solutions for gas turbine plant with technically based guarantees of up to 20 years, depending on the site operating conditions.