Boiler Gas Duct Expansion Joints

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A high dust concentration in coal-fired duct systems requires an innovative solution to stop the dust contaminating the expansion joint. Here the critical issue is temperature variance and gradients. Dust on the steel parts can cause flash and cool spots, shortening the life of the joint.

Three main issues need to be overcome in terms of the highly demanding technical and environmental requirements for expansion joints in boiler gas ducts. These are large boiler movements, a high dust content, and corrosive and abrasive gases.

DEKOMTE from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is able to provide a complete solution. It offers specialised design and fabrication of thermal expansion joints, which optimises the installed cost of the solution, and thereby maximises the total return on investment. As the cost of joint replacement is typically as high as the replacement joints itself, the big benefit of using DEKOMTE from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is reduced maintenance costs and reduced downtime, and hence increased profitability.