Custody Measurement

In terms of Custody Measurement for Flow Measurement, HMA Instrumentation offers:

GE Panametrics Sentinel LCT8 Ultrasonic Liquid Custody Transfer Flowmeter: The Sentinel LCT8, the latest addition to the high-accuracy line of ultrasonic flow meters from GE company Baker Hughes, distributed by HMA Instrumentation, delivers custody transfer-level measurement, even in the unstable conditions typical of pipelines. With eight measurement paths, it gives operators better visibility into what’s happening in their pipelines, helping them make informed decisions to minimise risk.

GE Panametrics Sentinel Liquid Custody Transfer Flowmeter: The Sentinel LCT from HMA Instrumentation is designed specifically for the custody transfer measurement of crude oil and other liquid refined products. It meets the strict requirements of API MPMS 5.8, OIML R117-1, and MID MI-005.

GE Panametrics Sentinel Ultrasonic Gas Custody Transfer Flowmeter: The Sentinel flow meter from HMA Instrumentation is a complete ultrasonic flow meter system for the measurement of natural gas flow applications such as custody transfer, transmission and distribution, underground storage, pipeline balancing, power systems, gas processing, compressor station metering, gas production and fuel monitoring.

GE Panametrics Sentinel LNG Ultrasonics Liquid Custody Transfer Flowmeter: Based on proven technologies, the Sentinel LNG from HMA INSTRUMENTATION extends the use of ultrasonic technology into cryogenic applications for measuring LNG with unbeatable performance, reliability, and safety. The simple design philosophy is based on a reliable flow meter to overcome the accuracy limitation of LNG tank level measurement.