Panametrics Sentinel LCT8 Ultrasonic Liquid Custody Transfer Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0346 Sentinel LCT8
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In pipeline flow metering applications, miscalculations or false alarms cost money. The right technology can reduce the uncertainty inherent in flow measurement. It gives pipeline operators confidence in their process measurement and the insight they need to avoid problems when revenue, the environment or reputations are at stake.

The Sentinel LCT8, the latest addition to the high-accuracy line of ultrasonic flow meters from Baker Hughes, distributed by HMA Instrumentation, delivers custody transfer-level measurement, even in the unstable conditions typical of pipelines. With eight measurement paths, it gives operators better visibility into what’s happening in their pipelines, helping them make informed decisions to minimise risk.

The Baker Hughes Panametrics Sentinel LCT8 from HMA Instrumentation uses eight measurement paths to cancel the effects of swirl and other flow disturbances caused by viscosity changes or installation effects. The eight-path design supports difficult applications with poorly developed or changing flow profiles, without flow conditioners and with a straight run requirement of only five diameters.

The proprietary algorithms BH Panametrics Sentinel LCT8 from HMA Instrumentation make it viscosity-independent, providing stable performance with custody transfer-level accuracy and repeatability, and with no need to recalibrate when fluids change. Eight paths also mean faster response for monitoring and analysing processes. This minimises downtime for yield management and asset protection, while providing actionable data when issues occur.