Panametrics Sentinel Ultrasonic Gas Custody Transfer Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0256 Sentinel

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are ideal for the strict requirements of custody transfers (fiscal and allocation measurement) of natural gas, and comply with the AGA standard. Its multi-path configuration suits natural gas applications such as transmission, pipeline balancing, and compressor station metering.

Sentinel Custody Transfer Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The Sentinel flowmeter from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a complete ultrasonic flowmeter system for the measurement of natural gas flow applications such as custody transfer, transmission and distribution, underground storage, pipeline balancing, power systems, gas processing, compressor station metering, gas production, and fuel monitoring.

The Sentinel meter body consists of a length of carbon steel pipe with flanged ends, rated to the pressure requirements of the individual installation, combined with two pairs of pre-installed ultrasonic transducers. The system is factory-assembled and tested to ensure it meets quality-control standards.

The heart of the Sentinel flowmeter from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the Sentinel T11 transducer, designed specifically for natural gas applications. This transducer provides high transmission power through the gas, ensuring optimal performance under high flow conditions of up to 36 m/s. The robust all-welded metal design ensures resistance to corrosion and pressure cycling. The Sentinel T11 transducer frequency is matched to the pipe size of the system ordered. In addition, the Sentinel T11 transducer holder includes unique acoustic isolation characteristics for optimal performance. Even in noisy applications such as wet natural gas.