GE Panametrics Sentinel Liquid Custody Transfer Flowmeter

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INS-DS-0257 Sentinel LCT

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Liquid Custody Transfer Flow Measurement
Ultrasonic Flow Meters from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are ideal for the strict requirements of custody transfers (fiscal and allocation measurement) of hydrocarbons liquids, and comply with API/OMIL/MID standards. Its multi-path configuration provides for trouble-free operation that will not drift, even with changes in the liquid products in the line.

Sentinel LCT Panametrics Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquid Custody Transfer Measurement
The Sentinel LCT from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed specifically for the custody transfer measurement of crude oil and other liquid refined products. It meets the strict requirements of API MPMS 5.8, OIML R117-1, and MID MI-005.

Based on a meter that already features minimal sensitivity to viscosity changes, the Sentinel LCT from HMA INSTRUMENTATION uses a number of proprietary algorithms to reduce viscosity effects even further. As a result, the Sentinel LCT is a true multi-viscosity meter, which means no prover run or setting changes are required when the viscosity changes. The meter stays within 0.15% accuracy over the entire range between minimum and maximum viscosity, based on a single calibration curve.

Not only does the meter lack any mechanical parts requiring maintenance, it also does not need any filters of strainers. Thus, inspecting and replacing clogged filters is no longer required. Due to the ultrasonic path configuration, the flowmeter design does not have any diameter reductions. This guarantees a full-bore design of the same diameter as your pipeline. The pressure drop over the meter equates to a pipe section of a similar length.