Marimex America LLC is a joint venture between West Machine Works Inc. (USA) and Marimex Industries GmbH & Co. KG (Germany). Marimex is a leader in manufacturing process viscometers, a modular system marketed under the ViscoScope brand that is used successfully in all industry sectors. Covering Europe, Asia, and Australia, Marimex extended its operational area with the formation of Marimex America LLC in 2011. The well-known ViscoScope inline viscometers are manufactured in both the USA and Germany. Both production facilities follow a common quality assurance protocol to guarantee global standards.

Marimex ViscoScope inline viscometers are a guarantee of reliable service in every branch of industry. Our modular process viscometers are based on the combination of a sensor and transmitter, and are manufactured for use in all sorts of scenarios from standard to highly individual applications. Our specialists have developed software packages that allow users to configure the viscometers and maintain seamless documentation of the process.

Our customer support extends through start-up and operator training and for many years after. In addition, we ensure a high degree of flexibility and availability. Our product range includes pipe adapters, flow through cells, and protective sleeves and fittings, as well as interface and protocol converters. We can even cater for unusual customer requests where these are technically feasible.