Marimex ViscoScope VA-300 Viscosity Sensor

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INS-DS-0039 Viscosity Sensor VA300

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The Marimex ViscoScope VA-300 sensor from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can be used for practically any application that requires constant monitoring of viscosity. The sensor measures the dynamic viscosity precisely, reliably, and in real-time. Reproducible measurements are essential, both for quality-control assurance and for process optimisation, along with the corresponding documentation. A variety of sensor-probe types guarantees optimal measurement in the specified viscosity range. This is achievable both under normal and arduous conditions such as high temperature and pressure in hazardous areas.

Manufacturing the Marimex ViscoScope VA-300 sensors from HMA INSTRUMENTATION to order means they can be installed in the ideal position in the plant, meaning that modifications can be avoided or minimised. The completely welded design of the sensor probe ensures no moving parts are in contact with the fluid being measured. In addition, the low amplitude of the resonance frequency oscillation used by the sensor prevents material fatigue. As a result, the instrument is virtually maintenance-free. A variety of sensor probe types guarantee optimal measurement in the specified viscosity range. This is achieved both under normal conditions, as well as under arduous conditions such as high temperatures and pressures in hazardous areas.