Solid Level Gauges

Solid Level Gauges


3D Level Scanner
Need volume accuracy in irregularly piled materials? 3D visualization to detect sidewall buildup? The BinMaster 3D Level Scanner is the only level sensor today to measure and map the topography of powders and solids in …

SmartBob II Inventory Management System
This electromechanical level gauge provides a reliable and accurate way of level measurement. It’s a cable – based gauge, which works by dropping a weighted cable onto the material surface while calculating the time …


Non-Contact Radar
BinMaster Non-Contact Radars from HMA Instrumentation, are powerful and reliable radar level sensors that provides continuous level measurement in solids, powders, and liquids …


Electronic Solid Level Gauges
BinMaster PROCAP Capacitance Level Gauge: BinMaster PROCAP Capacitance Level Sensors from HMA Instrumentation feature PRO-Shield to guard against false readings from build-up on the probe, or bridging between the …

Rotary Level Indicators
The BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed for controlling dry bulk material storage and flow in bins, hoppers, tanks, chutes, and conveyors. Typical applications include feed …

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