Rotary Level Indicators

Rotary Level Indicators

The BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed for controlling dry bulk material storage and flow in bins, hoppers, tanks, chutes, and conveyors. Typical applications include feed, cement, grain, plastic, aggregates, and wood products. The BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators can be used in materials with a bulk density as low as 30 kg/m3. By managing material storage and flow with the BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators, situations such as bin overflows, empty conditions, clogged chutes, and jammed conveyors are prevented. This eliminates costly spills, material waste, and unnecessary downtime.

The BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators from HMA INSTRUMENTATION has few moving parts, and features simple and reliable operation. A slow-speed synchronous motor rotates a paddle that senses the presence of material at the level where the BMRX is placed. The Rotary Level Indicators are wired to an alarm or light panel, so that when the material reaches the peddles or drops below the peddles, a relay switch activates the alarm or the panel light indicator. The technology and innovations incorporated into the BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators have resulted in a significantly advanced rotary level indication. The BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators are designed to provide security from system power failure, easy access to all components, and reliability through advanced circuitry. It provides the most cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution for level control.

  • Highlights:
    • De-energized Motor:
    • Automatically goes into a resting state when paddle is covered to extend motor life.
    • Fail-Safe:
    • Confident process control for immediate status notification and visual status notification for mechanical failure or loss of power
    • Status Light:

Solid for covered paddle, blinking for an uncovered turning paddle, and unlit for failed condition.

  • Time Delays:
  • Set 5 to 25 second delays in the alarm relay for covered or uncovered conditions to reduce false positives.
  • Auto Sensing:
  • No sensitivity setting or calibration required regardless of material density.
  • Built-in Slip Clutch:
  • Protects the gear assembly from damage due to over rotation.
  • Screw-off Cap:
  • USA-made housing with simple access to internal components.


MAXIMA+ Rotary Level Indicators
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MINI Rotary Level Indicators
The small compact MINI Rotary level indicators are designed specifically for small bins, hoppers, and feeders. It is an optimal solution for confined spaces were other level indicators will not fit.

BMRX Rotary Level Indicators
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