Vibrating Wire Piezometer from HMA Geotechnical

Vibrating Wire Piezometer
The Vibrating Wire Piezometer (VWP) is the industry standard in pore pressure monitoring. Constructed from high-quality 316 stainless steel, the VWP is capable of performing with long cable runs with an operation longevity for many years.

Low Pressure Piezometers
The Model 4580 Series pressure transducers are designed specifically for low pressure ranges. Ideal for streams, wells and other shallow installations, the unit comes in either a vented or unvented option (depending on the pressure rating).

High Temperature Piezometer
The Model 4500HT Piezometer is specifically designed for high temperature environments, such as within geothermal and oil recovery applications.

DrivePoint Sleeve
01200-15 Stainless Steel / brass push in tips give you the opportunity to retro fit a standard piezometer and turn it into a drive point VWP.
This makes the model ideal for use in peat or soft clays where driving in with a CPT rig is the best option.

Vibrating Wire Weir Monitor
Commonly installed in V-Notch Weirs, the Vibrating Wire Weir Monitor is a water level monitoring system that uses a vibrating wire force transducer to provide a highly stable and sensitive means of monitoring water levels. The main component is a cylindrical weight suspended from a vibrating wire transducer, this is housed in a cylinder made of slotted PVC pipe.

Pneumatic Piezometer
The Pneumatic Piezometer is capable of monitoring pore pressure up to 2000 kPa, combining reliability, minimal dimensions, economy and extremely low diaphragm displacement (0.002 cc). Ideal for construction site and preload monitoring.

Heavy Duty Piezometer
The 4500HD is designed for direct burials in fills and dam embankments. Used in conjunction with armoured cable to withstand movement during construction, these piezometers are ideal for more demanding environments.

Corrosive Environment Piezometer
When measurements are required within corrosive environments such as tailings dams, leachate ponds, and brackish water, piezometer material construction must be considered. HMA can supply both a Titanium piezometer and an Inconel piezometer.

Small Diameter Piezometer
Where space for a standard piezometer is limited, the Model 4500B & 4500C are ideal for narrow standpipes and other small-diameter boreholes. These are commonly installed on Tailings Dam Facilities (TSF) to enable automation of dipped standpipes.

Standpipe Piezometer

Standpipe Piezometer
The Standpipe Piezometer has a perforated PVC body containing a 70 micron filter element. It allows levelling and sampling of groundwater and in-situ permeability testing. Upgrading with a diaphragm type piezometer (Model 1100 or Model 1200) is possible at a different stage.

Fibre Optic Piezometer
The Model 1400 OPP-C Fibre Optic Piezometer manufactured by Opsens Solutions is a MEMS-based alternative to the Vibrating Wire Piezometer (Model 1200). This piezometer is perfectly tailored to meet the challenge of pressure monitoring applications where intrinsic safety is key.

Bucket Piezometer
The HMA Geotechnical Model 8030 Bucket Piezometer will give a direct indication of a level to which (or above which) the water in a standpipe piezometer rose since the previous measurement was made. A simple device, that is a good alternative when logging is not feasible.

HMA Geotechnical offer a range of Standpipe Piezometers (Casagrande Piezometers), Pneumatic Piezometers, Vibrating Wire Piezometers, and other Vibrating Wire transducers.

HMA Geotechnical Systems range of water monitors and piezometers can assist with the determination of water level, pore water pressure, hydraulic gradients and mine dewatering requirements.

We are the only company in Australia providing fast, reliable manufacture and dispatch of geotechnical instrumentation for 35+ years.

All of our geotechnical instruments are created from a combination of research, development and practical field experience whilst maintaining the highest possible quality. Our portfolio and areas of expertise are extensive. HMA Geotechnical provides the following products and solutions for geotechnical, mining and structural engineering applications:

  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Stress Monitoring
  • Displacement Monitoring
  • Inclination Monitoring
  • Data logging and Telemetry communication systems
  • Project management and “turnkey” services

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