Standpipe Piezometer


Standpipe Piezometer

The Standpipe Piezometer has a perforated PVC body containing a 70 micron filter element. It allows levelling and sampling of groundwater and in-situ permeability testing. Upgrading with a diaphragm type piezometer (Model 1100 or Model 1200) is possible at a different stage.

A large number of uniform pores permit high permeability in a short length. To get the same open area as a 300 mm length of plastic filter material. One would need 7 m of a standard 25 mm slotted pipe.

Drive-in models are available (Model 1050).


  • Monitoring of pore pressures in dams and embankments
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Leachate extraction
  • Groundwater sampling and monitoring
  • Dewatering and drainage operations


  • Protected filter element
  • Uniform filter porosity
  • Smooth filter element resists clogging
  • May be cleaned by backflushing
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Drive-In models available (galvanised steel)


  • Permeability: 3 x 10-4 m/s (low air entry)
  • Pore diameter (microns): 70
  • Filter area (cm2): 245
  • Dimensions (PVC) (mm): Ø 33.4 x 354
  • Dimension (galvanised steel) (mm): Ø 33.8 x 370
  • Weight (PVC) (kg): 0.14
  • Weight (galvanised steel) (kg): 1

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