Custom Data Logging Systems


HMA Geotechnical tailored data logging systems are based on industry-standard Campbell Scientific, RST, Geokon or Datataker loggers, and associated modules. The logging system is designed and manufactured to meet your requirements taking into consideration the instrument, power requirements and communication method. Built in our Melbourne facility and programmed by our trained technicians and engineers, we can configure data logging equipment to suit your needs. Our 30+year proven experience means we can find a solution to meet any situation.


HMA Geotechnical bespoke logging systems are developed with the customer to meet the requirement of their individual project. Our trained engineers and programmers work with you to give the outcome you require.


  • 30+ year proven track record on major projects globally.
  • Aftermarket set up and training
  • Rugged construction and Australian made
  • Mains or solar powered
  • Various communication methods from manual download to satellite
  • Low power consumption


  • Configured to customer requirements
  • Mains or solar powered
  • GSM, Satellite, Radio, Ethernet
  • Upload CSV files to a server
  • Can be integrated with SCADA and similar systems


  • Mining
  • Civil Construction
  • Dams
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Road and Rail
  • Environmental


  • Preconfigured for customer installation
  • Trained HMA Geotechnical Technicians can install globally.

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