Campbell Scientific (Indonesia)

HMA is Campbell Scientific’s (CSA) agent for the Indonesian Geotechnical Market.

Campbell Scientific Australia has been a leading provider of environmental data acquisition solutions in Australia and South East Asia for over 25 years. They specialise in rugged, low-power systems for long-term, standalone monitoring and control.

Campbell Scientific designs, manufactures and sells rugged dataloggers, data-acquisition systems, and measurement and control products used worldwide in environmental, research and industrial markets.

The company was established in 1974, with its corporate headquarters in Logan, Utah. The majority of Campbell Scientific products are manufactured at its United States facility, which employs over 300 people in engineering, production, marketing and administration departments.
Campbell Scientific products are known for their flexibility, precision measurements and dependability – even in harsh, remote environments. In addition to a family of powerful dataloggers, Campbell Scientific offers a variety of related product lines for the measurement field, including sensors and devices for the collection, storage, communication, and retrieval of data. Using these components, Campbell Scientific employees work with customers to configure unique systems that meet specific instrument and application needs.

Since 1974, they have manufactured over 150 000 systems. The measurement systems are based around a programmable datalogger. Their dataloggers not only provide advanced measurement capabilities, but can also control external devices. Unattended measurement and control decisions can be based on time or conditional events. Phones, radios and other devices can be used by the dataloggers to report site conditions.

Since their dataloggers have many channel types and programmable inputs, they can measure almost any commercially available sensor. Datalogger channel types include analogue, pulse counter, continuous analogue output, digital I/O, and switched excitation. Multiplexers and other peripherals can be used to increase the number of channels.

Campbell Scientific’s customers trust us to work with them to provide quality and reliable solutions in a variety of applications related to weather, water, energy, gas flux and turbulence, infrastructure and soil.