Consoil Hydrostatic Profiler


The Consoil Hydrostatic Profilers have been used on a variety of measuring tasks throughout the world since 1984 and have proved to be durable and reliable.

The Consoil Hydrostatic Profiler is designed primarily for measuring vertical movements or profiling areas not normally accessible to conventional survey techniques, i.e., the settlement of buried pipes, or to measure alignment in directional drilling or jacking of pipes.

Consoil Hydrostatic Profilers are designed to meet the rigorous environmental constrains of the applications at construction sites, in sewer lines and from harsh climate conditions.

The Consoil Hydrostatic Profiler allows for rapid and easier measurement by one person and contains either a read out for manual logging of results or a data acquisition unit for storing measured values.

The data acquisition unit of the Consoil Hydrostatic Profiler is can be readily disconnected, removed and connected to a PC. The stored information can then be processed for presentation.

The Consoil hydrostatic profiler system consists of a pressure transmitter encased in a stainless steel probe, a tube assembly consisting of a liquid-filled tube with internal signal cable.

Equipment for power winds while automatically logging distance and level measurements is also available for the Consoil Hydrostatic Profiler.


  • Tube assembly lengths: 50 m 100 m 150 m (164, 328, or 492 ft)
  • Tube assembly weights: 20 kg 25 kg 34 kg (44, 55 or 75 lb)
  • Level range: Standard: 10 m (33 ft) – other ranges available
  • Read out: LCD 4+1 digits with 0.001 m (0.01 ft) resolution
  • Accuracy: In normal use better than 5 mm (0.15 ft)
  • Operating temp: -20 to +70 °C (-4 to +158°F)
  • Supply voltage: 9-30 VDC with alkaline battery cells

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