B&W Diamond Power GlassCam Glass Furnace Camera

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GlassCam High Resolution Camera

The SteelCam high resolution cameras feature a two colour temperature measurement for a higher accuracy reading. The Steel- Cam camera provides hi-resolution images, has no moving parts and has a variety of mounting configurations that can be incorporated to meet individual installation requirements. The SteelCam high-resolution camera can view the slab/billet in the burner zone just before its ready to exit, and provides temperature feedback to the operators so that burner adjustments can be made. This enables meeting the optimum material temperature. The camera is mounted on the furnace wall, looking into the heating zone area, and provides an important insight for improving product quality.

Benefits Accurate temperature readings eliminate the need to know the material emissivity Improves product quality Less maintenance than conventional cameras Longer Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Produces high-resolution digital images Reduces the amount of cooling air required Wide temperature range Provides a variety of mounting configurations Unique dual-walled construction isolates and seals the camera against contaminates

Features & Benefits

  • Two-color temperature measurement for higher accuracy
  • No moving parts
  • High resolution 1024×768 SVGA images
  • High resolution/temperature optical probe
  • Temperature range= 1,400çF to 3,000çF (760çC to 1,649çC)
  • Diamond Powers exclusive TempVu technology provides:
    • Up to 15 user-definable temperature regions
    • Single- or multi-point region averaging
    • Bitmap image storage
    • Automatic temperature data storage at user-defined interval
    • Color palette for colorizing the monochrome video image
    • Individual contrast and brightness control
    • Auto-archive of Bitmap images
    • Sequential switching of cameras
    • Graphical trending of temperature regions
    • 4-20 mA output
  • Proprietary HTH-8 High-Temperature
  • Camera Housing
    • Dual-wall construction housing
    • Can use water- or air-cooling


  • Accuracy
    • ±1%
  • Temperature Measurement Range
    • 1,400çF (760çC) to 3,000çF (1,649çC)
  • Calibration
    • Factory Set
  • Cooling Requirements
    • Optical Probe: 3 psi (20.6 kpa) @ 17 scfm (.008 M3/s)
    • Air-Cooled Housing: 60 (413 kpa) to 80 psi(551 kpa) @ 15 (.007 M3/s) to 20 scfm (.009 M3/s)
  • Data Output
    • Four (4) individual 4-20 mA outputs per PC (Optional)
  • Measurement field-of-view
    • 60çH x 45çV (Entire image area)
  • Operating Requirements
    • Camera Assembly: +14çF (-10çC) to 200çF (93.3çC) with cooling
    • Optical Probe: up to 3,000çF (1,649çC) with cooling
    • Fiber Optic junction box: +14çF (-10çC) to +115çF (46.1çC) (Located within 12 ft. from camera)
  • Power Requirements
    • Camera site equipment: 100-204 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1.1 Amps max.
  • Temperature measurement resolution
    • 10çF (5.6çC) over full image
  • Temperature update
    • _5 seconds
  • Weight
    • 22 lbs. (10 kg) for 24” optical probe
    • Data communication Dual LC fiber optic multimode cable, 62.5/125 micron, 1,640 ft. (500 m) max. (Cable supplied by customer)