B&W Diamond Power Wall-Eye HD Furnace Camera

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Wall-Eye HD Furnace & Viewing

The Wall-Eye HD high-resolution viewing system from Diamond Power is the most powerful industrial remote viewing system available. Using a solid-state camera, the Wall-Eye HD system delivers pristine, highly-detailed images of your boiler or furnace in vivid colour, and with twice the resolution of our previous designs.

The Wall-Eye HD camera has a wide field-of-view that allows you to see more of the furnace interior.

Features & Benefits

  • High resolution, 1/3” format optical probe with optics capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 593.3º C
  • Optics are factory-assembled into replaceable units, for easy maintenance
  • Allows the use of various sizes and designs of cameras including IP cameras
  • A standard camera has an infrared filter with enhanced sensitivity for low or high-temperature applications.
  • Electronic Digital Pan, Tilt, and Zoom features on select models (local or with remote controller)
  • Auto Focus (local or with remote controller)
  • Remote camera control over same coaxial cable used for video display
  • Proprietary HTH-8 High-Temperature Camera Housing
    • Dual-wall construction housing
    • Can use water- or air-cooling


  • Air inlet
    • 1” NPT pipe
  • Air requirements
    • Instrument or filtered plant air and vortex coolers
  • Applications
    • Coal-, oil-, wood- or gas-fired boilers and furnaces. Negative pressure, balanced draft furnaces or positive-pressure furnaces. Industries served to include Utilities, Pulp and Paper, Steel and Glass
  • Camera system
    • PAL Color (NTSC optional)
  • Electrical requirements
    • 120 v, 60 HZ, .1 A. Option 12 VDC , .4 A 220 v, 50 HZ., .05A
  • Housing
    • Dual-walled with SPST thermostat for internal high-temperature housing indication. Ambient temperature 93.3ç C, water- or air-cooled options available
  • Optical Probe
    • 80çH X 58çV FOV standard, O set line-of-sight options available
  • Operating temperature
    • Up to +1648çC Furnace temperatures
  • Power (camera) 240 VAC/60 HZ with optional 12 VDC
    • Resolution in excess of twice that of standard high-temperature camera designs