Borehole Packers

Borehole Packers

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Borehole Packers

Borehole Packers are pneumatically or hydraulically inflatable packers that incorporate one fixed and one sliding head attached to a centre shaft. This sliding head allows the packer gland to retract about the centre shaft as it inflates.

The packer heads are constructed of either plated steel or aluminium while the shaft is polished stainless steel or aluminium. The packer gland consists of a rubber membrane reinforced with either polyester fabric or steel. Packers made from steel heads, stainless steel shaft and a steel reinforced gland are suitable for medium pressure applications, while packers made from aluminium heads, aluminium shaft and a polyester reinforced gland are suitable for low pressure applications.


  • Permeability testing
  • Hydro-fracturing of formations
  • Monitor well sampling
  • Sealing artesian flows in open or cased boreholes
  • Packer piezometers
  • Pressure grouting


  • Steel reinforced, or fabric reinforced, abrasion resistant glands that are easily replaced in the field.
  • Hollow centre shaft for placement of sampling and monitoring equipment, or for passing water through the packer during permeability testing or hydrofracturing.
  • Optional sealed instrument and/or pump pass through.

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