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Vibrating Wire Weir Monitor

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The VWWM is a water level monitoring system that uses a vibrating wire force transducer to provide a highly stable and sensitive means of monitoring water levels. The main component is a cylindrical weight suspended from the force transducer. The cylinder hangs partially submerged in the water whose level is to be monitored. As the water level changes, the changing buoyancy force on the cylinder acts directly on the vibrating wire transducer and alters its tension, and hence its resonant frequency.

System Components:

The cylinder and force transducer are contained within a housing made from slotted PVC pipe. This pipe can be positioned within the weir or tank or it cn be installed in a Stilling Well connected hydraulically to the tank or weir. The vibrating wire transducer is vented to the atmosphere so that the barometric fluctuations are compensated for automatically. The vent line terminates in a moisture trap which requires periodic maintenance to replace the desiccant.

Standard Ranges:

150, 300, 600, 1500mm