GEOKON is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire in the US and operates on a worldwide basis through a network of agencies. The company was established in 1979 and currently has over 100 employees.

Over the years, GEOKON has emerged as the world leader in Vibrating Wire Technology™ due to its quality responsive customer service and industry-leading designs. Geokon’s broad range of geotechnical instrumentation is manufactured at their US factory by trained, qualified and experienced machinists and assemblers.

GEOKON, through innovation and experience, has developed a line of vibrating wire sensors unsurpassed anywhere in the world. These highly reliable devices have contributed in no small way to the growing worldwide acceptance of vibrating wire as the most suitable technology for geotechnical applications.

The resonant frequency of vibration of a tensioned steel wire is dependent on the strain or tension in the wire. This fundamental dependency is utilised in a variety of configurations for the measurement of strain, load, force, pressure, temperature and tilt. Vibrating wire sensors are well-known for their long-term stability. The advantage of vibrating wire sensors over more conventional types lies mainly in the sensor output, which is a frequency rather than a voltage.

Frequencies can be transmitted over long (>2000 m) cables without appreciable degradation of the signal caused by variations in cable resistance, which can arise from water penetration, temperature fluctuations, contact resistance or leakage to ground. This factor, coupled with the elegance and ruggedness of GEOKON’s designs, results in sensors with excellent long-term stability, and which are ideally suited for long-term measurements in adverse environments.