Low Pressure Piezometers
The Model 4580 Series pressure transducers are designed specifically for low pressure ranges. Ideal for streams, wells and other shallow installations, the unit comes in either a vented or unvented option (depending on the pressure rating).

As an option to the regular maintenance scheme of replacing desiccant capsules on vented piezometers, a site may use the 4580-1 Vibrating Wire Barometer to barometrically compensate unvented low pressure piezometers.


Range (kPa): 7, 17, 35
Accuracy: ±0.1% F.S.
Temperature Range (°C): −20 to +80
Over Range: 1.5 x Pressure Rating
Dimensions (mm): Ø 38 x 165, Ø 63.5 x 165