Wear Solutions

HMA Wear Solutions specializes in the manufacture and supply of abrasion resistant piping for the Australian mining and power industries.

Since 1978, when the first Ceramic pipe was supplied by Greenbank Terotech (now HMA Wear Solutions), the company has accumulated over 40 years of experience in delivering ceramic lined equipment. Through this extensive experience, HMA Wear Solutions has overcome typical design and manufacturing constraints associated with ceramic pipe production, ensuring a superior lining system that guarantees a precise fit and maximizes the wear lining’s operating life.

In 1997, HMA introduced its Pipe-Scan service, utilizing an innovative inspection camera and analysis software. This service allows for internal inspection and measurement of wear in ceramic lined pipework. Over the years, HMA Wear Solutions has expanded its range of condition monitoring services, which now includes Mag Sep inspections, Cyclone inspections, Chute and Wear liner audits, and Pipe Hanger Audits, among others.

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