Alumina Lined Pipe

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HMA Wear Solutions offers engineered tiled cylinders and monolithic cylinders. It uses pre-engineered and advanced processing techniques to manufacture ISO Pressed Alumina in a variety of geometries, from simple to complex shapes. Combined with the appropriate attachment method, Alumina can overcome temperature limitations, and impact and abrasion problems in many different environments. Weldable systems permit the use of Alumina liners in temperatures in excess of 540°C, and are supplied with tapered hole, metal insert, and an Alumina cap.

ISO Pressed Alumina from HMA Wear Solutions offers three distinct benefits over standard ceramics: Tiles can be pre-engineered to minimise wear points and increase service life; remarkable resistance to sliding and impact abrasion; and weldable systems for high heat, impact, or corrosion environments. Typical process using ISO Pressed Alumina from HMA Wear Solutions are: rock, coal, gravel, minerals, sand, cement clinker, glass cullet, lime, rice, sinter, and taconite.

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