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INS-DS-0359 3DLevelScanner
INS-DS-0360 3DLevelScanner
INS-DS-0361 3DLevelScanner

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Need volume accuracy in irregularly piled materials?  3D visualization to detect sidewall buildup?

The BinMaster 3D Level Scanner is the only level sensor today to measure and map the topography of powders and solids in silos, taking multiple measurements across the material surface. Other types of level sensors only measure a single point in the silo.

It’s advanced acoustics technology measures material topography even in dusty environments. Our 3D level scanners can take accurate measurements in solid, powder and low dielectric materials.

Our scanners are certified for hazardous locations for CFM Class I & II and are now IECEx/ATEX certified.

5 Ways 3D is different:

  1. Most level sensors only measure a single point
  2. Optional 3D visualization of material topography
  3. Detects cone up, cone down, and sidewall buildup
  4. Provides minimum, maximum, and average distances
  5. Accounts for surface irregularities for accurate bin volume

3D excels in unevenly piled material:

  • Grain, seed, feed, and food processing
  • Ethanol, bioenergy, and power plants
  • Aggregates and cement
  • Mining and metals
  • Chemical processing and plastics manufacturing
  • Pulp, paper, and wood pellets


  • 3DLevelScanner-M > It measures the highest, lowest and average level, by taking measurement within a 70° beam angle.
  • 3DLevelScanner-MV > Similar to the M model with the addition of the 3D representation of the material surface.
  • 3DLevelScanner-MVL > It ensures high accuracy of the measurement in large diameter bins, by mounting multiple scanners in optimal locations. The system combines data from all 3D level scanners and delivers accurate measurement in a single 3D image.
  • 3DLevelScanner-S > It measures the average volume of materials stored in a silo using 30° beam angle. It is suitable for silos up to 14 ft. diameter.
  • 3DlevelScanner- RL Model > It uses a single point measurement system by taking measurements at a 15° beam angle. It is reliable in high dust environments and low dielectric materials. It is suitable for narrow silos or silos with structure.

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