Electronic Solid Level Gauges

BinMaster PROCAP Capacitance Level Gauge: BinMaster PROCAP Capacitance Level Sensors from HMA Instrumentation feature PRO-Shield to guard against false readings from build-up on the probe, or bridging between the sidewall and the probe. PRO-Shield allows the PROCAP sensors to be used in vessels storing a wide variety of dusty, sticky, or clinging materials.

X96 Series Non-Contact Mould Level Measurement System: The Ronan X96 Series Non-Contact Mould Level Measurement System from HMA Instrumentation is designed specifically designed to measure the level of molten metal during the continuous casting of billets, blooms, or slabs.

Radar Level Transmitter (Solids): The Matsushima Radar Level Transmitter from HMA Instrumentation measures the time from when the level meter emits pulse radar waves from the antenna to when the waves (echoes) reflected from the object to be measured return to the meter, which is then calculated into a distance. It can also be customised for suitable measuring environments and usage.