X96 Series Non-Contact Mould Level Measurement System

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INS-DS-0012 Ronan X96

Fireye MBPF-100S Sensor Module

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The Ronan X96 Series Non-Contact Mould Level Measurement System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed specifically designed to measure the level of molten metal during the continuous casting of billets, blooms, or slabs. Ronan has been a trusted leader in the global steel industry for over 20 years, designing each system to customer specifications, giving the optimal performance for each mould configuration.

In response to market demands for a viable option for high-speed thin-slab casters, where high-speed sampling is particularly critical (nominally in the 20 to 50 millisecond range), Ronan introduced the X96S ML microprocessor in 2006. With an unmatched update time of 10 ms, and a fast ‘cast start’ capability, the user is now able to obtain high-speed sampling of the level in the mould, allowing for better control, and enabling the end user to increase throughput and improve quality.