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INS-DS-0272 FreezePoint Analyser

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The Icon Scientific FreezePoint Analyser from HMA Instrumentation provides an indicator of the lowest ambient temperature at which an aviation jet fuel can be used. Using advanced cryocooling, it can measure freeze points down to –80°C. Similar to the Icon Scientific CloudPoint Analyser from HMA Instrumentation, it features a low-mass measuring cell and a vacuum-insulated cell housing. This patented system improves cooling performance and eliminates condensation, ice formation and the effect of stray light.
The vessel features detection systems to monitor the vacuum and alert you to any sample leakage. The results are compatible with those of any standard freeze-point test methods such as ASTM D2386, D5972 and ASTM D7153. Additionally, the Icon Scientific FreezePoint Analyser from HMA Instrumentation can perform very low cloudpoint measurements without the external chiller units required by Peltier-based CloudPoint analysers for such applications.

Features include:
Excellent repeatability: With advanced detection algorithms and phase-angle cryocooler control, it generally achieves better repeatability than the standard
test methods.
Reduced thermal losses: The cell is equipped with a LED light source and photodiode detector. Air-gapped light guides eliminate physical and thermal contact between the light source, detector and the cell, reducing thermal losses.
Best-in-class cooling performance: Reduced thermal losses, coupled with the low-mass measuring cell and vacuum insulation, enable the maintenance-free cryocooler to cool down to –100°C within ten minutes, using normal plant-cooling water.