Gas Composition

HMA INSTRUMENTATION specialises in process gas analysers that solve customers’ process control, optimisation, quality assurance, safety, and environmental requirements. It designs, procures, manufactures, installs, commissions, and services a range of engineered solutions that integrate analysers with sample handling systems and environmental shelters. Partnerships with internationally recognised vendors allows HMA INSTRUMENTATION to offer a range of technologies that cover both extractive and on-site applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and general industries.

Wobbe Index Analyser
The technology is based upon the measurement of the amount of air required for the complete combustion of sample gas, providing maximum performance in terms of response time and repeatability. Due to its fast response time, the most common application locally is for feed-forward control of gas turbines driven compressors and other equipment typical of the natural gas and LNG industries. HMA INSTRUMENTATION also offers innovative sampling solutions such as a flow impact probe with a close-coupled sample preconditioning system to significantly reduce analyser response time in high-pressure gas applications.

Field Gas Chromatographs
Field gas chromatographs from HMA INSTRUMENTATION offer a compact economical solution for many standard applications in the natural gas and petrochemical industries, especially as they can withstand the rigours of being mounted outdoors. Common applications are natural gas composition (NGC8206 [C6+] and NGC8209 [C9+]), with calculations such as Wobbe Index (BTU) or hydrocarbon dewpoint, which is typical of custody transfer metering systems. Specifically targeted refinery applications for process control and gas quality have been made possible by the selection of appropriate columns to match the measurement (PGC1000).