The Hobré WIM Compas Wobbe Index Analyser from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the latest addition to the Hobré range of process indicators for Wobbe Index, heating value (BTU), and combustion air requirement index. Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, it builds on over 20 years of the successful WIROX, WIM 9600 and WIM 9900 series. Offering unmatched reliability, speed of response and accuracy, and supported by in-depth application knowledge, the Hobré WIM Compas Process Analyser from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the best choice for measuring gas combustion parameters.

Sample gas is mixed continuously with combustion under controlled conditions, followed by catalytic combustion in an electrically-heated furnace. The residual oxygen content in the flue gas is measured with an accurate and reliable zirconium oxide sensor. The control unit calculates combustion parameters from the oxygen and the optional density signal.